About Puder

“Catharina Boutari is Hamburg's goddess from the idea machine when it comes to decisively shaping the soundtrack of a city. As a singer and songwriter with a great sense for melodies, as a label operator with an eye for the unconventional, rarely daring and as a theater director for colorful entertainment with depth.”

Catharina Boutari aka Puder is a musician, producer and opera director from Hamburg, Germany. She runs her own feminist record label, Pussy Empire Recordings. Born in Austria, Boutari combines diverse identities with a self-possessed verve, a skill she learned from her Egyptian father and German mother. As Puder she produces current international pop in a new way by defying the norms of traditional music recording processes & eschewing conventions. She caused quite a stir in Hamburg with her theater road movie PuderZucker, which premiered at the St. Pauli Theater & was promptly invited by the Reeperbahnfestival.

Since 2016, Catharina has been collaborating for her albums with musicians from Germany and abroad to write songs in 10-day sessions, record them live in the studio, with guests in the recording room, and accompany them with a film documentary. Following her 2020 album "Session Tapes 4 + 5 - Tomorrowland mit Freunden" (Netherlands/Germany), Puder launched three digital/analog Europian songwritings with livestreams in 2021 and released the singles: Tunnels (UK with Jules Maxwell/Dead Can Dance), Spices (Bosnia/Germany) and Airplane Dreams (Poland). Furthermore she was a guest at the European project "European Ghosts" at the Reeperbahnfestival, stage musician at the lecture performance "Fakemaster Flash & das Machtwissen", co-writer of the title song for the movie "Red Cunt" and featured with her spoken word lyrics for "Yellow Catwalk" on the brand new sampler of the Jazzbüro Hamburg.

2022 gets off to a good start. Releasing the fourth single Let Us Talk (Faravaz / Iran) and finishing the Session Tapes Sequel in March, Puder will head off afterwards to Westway Lab Music Conference in Portugal, where she has been invited for an artist residency.