Puder Release Concert

31.5. Hebebühne Hamburg

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Session Tapes 6

Puder Session Tapes – Europe’s lost. An artistic takeover.
A european musical manifesto in realtime with 4 artists from 4 countries. Bringing pop & politics closer together.

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Singles: Tunnels, Spices, Airplane Dreams, Let Us Talk

Puder Tunnels Puder Spices Puder Airplane Dreams Puder Let Us Talk

Session 1 – London’s calling with Jules Maxwell, Single: Tunnels
Session 2 – Female power from Braunschweig with Tiana Kruškić, Single: Spices
Session 3 – Warsaw loves Hamburg with/out Ina West, Single: Airplane Dreams
Session 4 - Teheran in exile with Faravaz, Single: Let Us Talk

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„Listening, falling and drifting is once again a must. Puder has again achieved something special over the course of several kilometers: She takes us on a musical journey that starts with her and ends with us. Tunnels is trip hop, indie pop, now and then and opens the Puder Session Tapes with flying colors.“

„Restrictions ignite creativity.“
Deutschlandfunk Kultur about ‚Let us Talk‘

„Puder is the artist name of Catharina Boutari, who is developing the Puder Session Tapes 2021: "Europe is lost - an artistic takeover", a work with a multinational profile in which music is the vehicle to develop and deepen concepts such as feminism, racism, social utopias, environmental degradation and saving the planet, so that with the obstacle of traveling through global situation known to all, she uses technology to reach creators from all over the world, like Jules Maxwell…so that from a conversation about Underland, a literary work by Robert McFarlane, they develop the first piece extracted from this material, which is complemented by four other pieces linked to artists from Germany, Poland and Holland.
Tunnels is a call to reclaim the freedom of the web of webs, because although it seems to be a powerful tool of manipulation in favor of those who can pay to manipulate numbers and trends, in truth this space is the property of humanity, designed and made available by its creators to promote development and interpersonal relationships, sharing information and knowledge across all physical borders.“
El Santo del Rock, Mexiko